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Early Childhood Education: Getting Started

This web page lists resources in early childhood education (ECE), care, and development for young children from birth to approximately age 5.

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So you got a research paper to do... how do you get started?

This video can help you understand the Research Process.

Check out these resources for background information and topic overviews:

What kind of information do you need?

Putting your topic in the form of a question will help you focus on what type of information you want to collect:  who, what, where, why and how.

Before you start searching, try focusing your topic by writing a one sentence research question. You may also narrow your search by use  limiters.  You may limit:

by geographic area:

Example: What environmental issues are most important in the Southwestern United States?

by culture:

Example: How does the environment fit into the Navajo world view?

by time frame:

Example: What are the most prominent environmental issues of the last 10 years?

by discipline:

Example: How does environmental awareness effect business practices today?

by population group:

Example: What are the effects of air pollution on senior citizens?

Where to Start...

For background information, start in Google but don't stay there.undefined

The library database, Credo Reference Online will naturally narrow your search, improve your research, increase your comfort in academic research and support your critical thinking.    Credo is our academic Google!      Try the Mirror Effect




climate change    (How many of these sites can pass the CRAAP test?)                                  


climate change

Key Databases

Need an overview?  Opposing Viewpoints in Context. (climate change)
 Global Issues in Context  (climate change and government)

Back Ground Information Credoreference

Subject Specific Databases