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Exercise Science: Critique

This guide is intended to help you find and use library resources to complete your research for Exercise and Sports Science.

What is an article critique?

A critique simply put is a criticism. Your main goal is to show your personal opinion, backed with evidence and arguments.  Many students fail at this or they fail to IER

  • Identify:
    • What is the article's background and purpose?
    • What is the main idea (the main argument) that the article is communicating?
  • Evaluate:
    • How convincing is the argument?
    • What does the argument assume?
    • How useful or applicable is the article?
    • How does the article compare with other current theory and research?
  • Respond:
    • What is your assessment of the article?
    • What issues does it raise?
    • What issues does it avoid?

You are expected to engage with the article rather than just summarize it, by considering its content carefully, and from different angles. Your critique must be objective, so support it with evidence rather than instinct or emotion.


‚Äč Writing a critique

The process of critiquing an article involves reading it critically, that is, actively responding to the reading. Begin by asking questions about the article. What is, for example, its:

  • Background?
  • Purpose?
  • Use of evidence?
  • Methodology?
  • Balance?




Review of a journal article 


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