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Education: Locating Books

This guide highlights resources related to education.



Books are an excellent source for finding:

1.  Background information

2.  Overviews

3.  In-depth information on a topic or subject that has been researched over time

4.  Compilations of essays or articles from scholars on similar subjects

5.  Chronologies

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Subject Headings

  • Assistant School Principals
  • Classroom Environment
  • Classroom Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Education Parent Participation
  • Educational Change
  • Educational Leadership
  • Educational Planning
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Tests and Measurement
  • Effective Teaching
  • First Year Teachers
  • Internet in Education
  • Leadership
  • Learning
  • Management
  • Motivation in Education
  • Psychological Tests
  • School Environment
  • School Improvement Programs
  • School Management and Organization United States
  • School Principals
  • School Superintendents
  • Schools Administration
  • Student Participation in Administration
  • Teacher Effectiveness
  • Teacher Student Relationships
  • Teachers Job Satisfaction United States


LC Call Numbes

Library Of Congress Call Numbers

Selected Library of Congress Call Numbers for Education.

See the entire L Classification at the Library of Congress L -- EDUCATION  

Call numbers related to school supervision and discipline, school administration, school management, teacher and administrator training, school planning, curriculuum, and students are indicated below.

L 7 - 991 Education (General)

LA 5 - 2396 History of  Education 

LB 5 - 3640 Theory and Practice of Education

  • LB1705-2286 Education and training of teachers and administrators
  •    LB1771-1773 Certification of teachers
  •    LB1775-1785 Professional aspects of teaching and school administrators. Vocational guidance
  •    LB1805-2151 State teachers colleges
  •    LB2165-2278 Teacher training in universities and colleges
  • LB2300-2430 Higher education
  •    LB2326.4-2330 Institutions of higher education
  •    LB2331.7-2335.8 Teaching personnel
  •    LB2341-2341.95 Supervision and administration. Business management
  •    LB2361-2365 Curriculum
  •    LB2366-2367.75 College examinations
  •    LB2371-2372 Graduate education
  •    LB2381-2391 Academic degrees
  • LB2799-2799.3 Educational consultants and consulting
  • LB2801-3095 School administration and organization
  •    LB2831.6-2831.99 Administrative personnel
  •    LB2832-2844.1 Teaching personnel
  •    LB3011-3095 School management and discipline
  •       LB3045-3048 Textbooks
  •       LB3050-3060.87 Educational tests, measurements, evaluations and examinations
  • LB3201-3325 School architecture and equipment. School physical facilities. Campus planning
  • LB3401-3495 School hygiene. School health services
  • LB3602-3640 School life. Student manners and customs

LC 8 - 6691 Special Aspects of Education 

  • LC59 Public school education
  • LC65-245 Social aspects of education
  •    LC65-67.68 Economic aspects of education
  •    LC71-120.4 Education and the state
  •       LC72-72.5 Academic freedom
  •       LC107-120.4 Public school question. Secularization. Religious instruction in the public schools
  •    LC129-139 Compulsory education
  •    LC142-148.5 Attendance. Dropouts
  •    LC149-161 Literacy. Illiteracy
  •    LC184-188 Taxation of schools and colleges
  •    LC189-214.53 Educational sociology
  •       LC212-212.863 Discrimination in education
  •       LC212.9-212.93 Sex differences in education
  •    LC215-238.4 Community and the school
  •       LC223 Schools as community centers
  •       LC225-226.7 Home and school
  •       LC230-235 Parent-teacher associations. Home and school associations
  •    LC241-245 Foundations, endowments, funds
  • LC251-951 Moral and religious education
  • LC1031-1034.5 Competency based education
  • LC1035-1035.8 Basic education. Basic skills education
  • LC1099-1099.5 Multicultural education (General)
  • LC1200-1203 Inclusive education 
  • LC1390-5160.3 Education of special classes of persons
  •    LC1390 Men. Boys
  •    LC1401-2572 Women. Girls
  •    LC2574-2576 Gays. Lesbians. Bisexuals
  •    LC2580-2582 Student-athletes

LD Individual Institutions - United States Subclass

LE Individual Institutions - America (except United States)

LF Individual Institutions - Europe

LG Individual Institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands

LH College and School Magazines and Papers

LJ Student Faternities and Societies, United States

LT Textbooks