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Secondary Education: Find Books

This guide is designed to assist students in the Secondary Education discipline find relevant and reliable information

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To locate books in our catalog, make sure your keywords are entered into the line at the top.  Below I have listed books that might be of interest to you

Subject Headings

Education Secondary
-- See Also the narrower term Comprehensive high schools
-- See Also the narrower term Counseling in secondary education
-- See Also the narrower term Eight-Year Study
-- See Also the narrower term Evening and continuation schools
-- See Also the narrower term Folk high schools
-- See Also High schools
-- See Also the narrower term Ninth grade (Education)
-- See Also the narrower term School supervision, Secondary
-- See Also the narrower term Twelfth grade (Education)


Here is a sampling of keywords to use when researching elementary and secondary education (K-12).  

Check out the online ERIC Thesaurus for additional ideas!


Charter Schools

Elementary Education

Elementary School Curriculum

Elementary School Teachers

High School Teachers

High Schools

Junior High Schools

Middle Schools

Primary Education

Public Schools

Secondary Education



Vocational Education

Library of Congress

The Lyman Beecher Brooks Library uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification system to organize books by specific subjects.  The Library of Congress system uses letters and numbers to do this.

To browse the library's holdings for materials on Education related subjects search the L section in the General Stacks area (downstairs). For a specific Secondary Education topic, search for materials in the LB subsection .  Ask a librarian for assistance.

The following is a list of general subjects in the Education section "L":

Class L - Education

  • Subclass L - Education (General)
  • Subclass LA - History of education
  • Subclass LB - Theory and practice of education
  • Subclass LC - Special aspects of education
  • Subclass LD - Individual institutions - United States
  • Subclass LE - Individual institutions - America (except United States)
  • Subclass LF - Individual institutions - Europe
  • Subclass LG - Individual institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands
  • Subclass LH - College and school magazines and papers
  • Subclass LJ - Student fraternities and societies, United States