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Library Resources for Faculty: Help Students Avoid Plagiarism

An overview of library resources pertinent to Norfolk State University faculty.



Address plagiarism before it occurs.  Include a plagiarism exercise in your class--Indiana University has a nice website which includes an overview, tutorial, and test.

  • Point students to good resources:  Purdue University provides excellent information on paraphrasing, quoting, and summarizing, plagiarism, and properly citing sources.
  • Include a plagiarism statement in your syllabi.
  • Tell your students that you check for plagiarism, then follow up.  A good way to deter plagiarism is to develop a reputation for intolerance.


  • Create your assignments thoughtfully.  Break the assignment into pieces, and provide due dates for each specific piece.  Approve the topic, require drafts, require an annotated bibliography, current sources, and specify the style (ACS, AMA, APA, ASA, Chicago, CSE, MLA, Turabian, etc.) that students should use.
  • Have clear expectations.  Require specific sources for your papers--one webpage, scholarly journal articles, scholarly books, a reference source, perhaps an interview.  Make sure the sources students use have been published recently.   Consider requiring the students to use a source provided by you.


  • EVE2 executes multiple Google searches on word variations.  Load a paper, and EVE2 searches for you.  Costs $29, but worth it.
  • Search Google, Google Books, and Library Databases.  Use "exact phrase searches"; enclose suspicious phrases in between quotation marks.
  •,  a free plagiarism checker for academic writers. It can find plagiarism in texts written in English, Spanish, French and a few other languages. 



Citation Management Tools



Writing and Citation Tools LibGuide


UIS Learning Hub (TLH)

  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)
  • Research and Documentation Online
  • Introduction to Basic Legal Citation

Citation Guides with examples

Click here for the Research & Dcoumentation in the Electronic Age (5th Edition) which provides clear and concise examples for APA and MLA styles.

Click here for the APA Citation Guide from the Owl at Purdue

More Citation Help

Online Video Tutorials

APA Format Citations--Sixth (6th) Edition
Demonstrates how to format your paper in Word, and insert citations in the text and in the list of references.

MLA Format: The Basics

Help Students Avoid Plagiarism (Blackboard Help)


     Use the SafeAssign service to check assignments for plagiarism.