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Library Resources for Faculty: Requesting Materials

An overview of library resources pertinent to Norfolk State University faculty.

Requesting Materials

Lyman Beecher Brooks Library welcomes suggestions from students, faculty and staff for materials which support research, teaching and study at Norfolk State University. Faculty members are encouraged to recommend materials for collections in subjects relevant to the University's curriculum. Lists of required readings to be placed on Reserve should be sent to the Library, as well as supplementary readings, or other materials which should be readily accessible to students. See the Course Reserves tab for more information.

Before you place a request for purchase, please check our Catalog to be sure LBB Library does not already own the item.

If you need to use the materials quickly, please try InterLibrary Loan.

 Need a specific item for class?  Or know of an item that would be a great addition to our collection?  Send your requests or recommendations to or to your Library Liaison.

In the email, please include the following information:

  1. Title
  2. ISBN number
  3. Type of media: book, DVD, journal, etc.


Here is a brief list of items that may be requested:


*Databases are subjected to a more rigorous review process, due to the high cost




Consortium Card

VIVA levels the academic playing field: Through VIVA, students and faculty at institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth have access to digital and print journals, books, reference sources, and databases that are essential for educational success and research enterprise. Whether you are at a community college or a large public university, a small liberal arts college or an elite private university, the same VIVA is available to you.

If there is another college library closer than the Lyman Beecher Brooks Library, the Tidewater Consortium Card might work for you. 

Any faculty, staff or student from NSU, have library privileges at other academic institutions that participate in the Virginia Tidewater Consortium

If you wish to check out materials at another academic library in the Tidewater area or the state of Virginia, bring a picture ID to the LBB Circulation Desk to apply for a Consortium Card.  You'll need to apply once each semester to verify that you're a current NSU student.

Course Reserves

Placing Materials on Reserve

The Reserve Collection is maintained to provide access to specific class-assigned readings and other materials. Materials placed on reserve must support a course currently being offered.

The following items may be placed on reserve:  Please read the copyright laws/compliance.

  • Library material from the open stacks
  • Personal copies of books
  • Journals
  • Newspapers
  • Photocopies

The following items may not be placed on reserve:

  • Bound and single issues of library journals and newspapers
  • Reference materials
  • Microforms

The Library reserves the right to apply permanent labels, stamps and other marks to personal copies and photocopies to assist in organizing and controlling the materials.

Each photocopy held on reserve will contain a notice of copyright and the owners (instructors) name. Although the Library will take reasonable safeguards, it is not responsible for theft, damage, or mutilation of personal copies.

A Reserve Form is required to process reserve materials.  Use the online Reserve Form

 Copyright restrictions compel the Library to remove reserve materials at the end of each semester. Professors can request materials remain on the reserve list the following semester provided the course is being offered. Material will remain on reserve for at least three weeks after the end of the semester to allow instructors time to submit new requests. The Library will return all personal materials and photocopies.

Cooperative Borrowing Program

The Cooperative Borrowing Program allows students, faculty, and staff at VIVA institutions to request to borrow materials on-site from any participating library. The following is a list of VIVA Member institutions and their status in this program. Click on the institution's name to view links to its student and faculty directories so that current status can be verified. Participating institutions may lend to borrowers from non-participating institutions at their discretion.   Cooperative Borrowing Program

Media Services

The Media Resource Center (MRC) is located n the Lyman Beecher Brooks Library on the first floor.  It houses DVDs, CDs and other audiovisual materials. These materials are available for checkout.   It is designed to enhance student's educational experiences by making available to them a wide range of technical equipment.

Students can borrow laptops, iPads, iPods, digital cameras, DVDs, software, etc.

Area is equipped with scanners, cameras, tablets, computers, microfilm readers and more...

The Center also offers access to the same media design software used by professionals.  The programs are Reason, Adobe Creative Clouds and Final Cut. The staff is available for limited technical support.