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Human Anatomy and Physiology Resources: Academic Writing & Plagiarism

This research guide contains resources on the study of human anatomy.

Academic Integrity

Norfolk State University Academic Integrity Standards

Describe expectations regarding student conduct such as:

• Attendance (define attendance, especially for online/web-based courses)

• Tardiness

• Class participation

Honesty, honor code, and violations of integrity such as plagiarism

• Student class conduct (e.g., use of cell phones and electronic devices, etc.)

• NSU e-mail policy

Code of Student Conduct

Academic Dishonesty Procedures

Student Handbook 2015-2016


Academic Writing

"The transition to college can be overwhelming to young students, especially when faced with their first college-level writing assignments. From the format of the paper to proper citation and elevated grammar expectations, it can be a lot to take in."  Students at any level will find the links below useful.

Annotated Bibilographies


Academic Writing Guide


Stealing others ideas

Plagiarism Checker

Free Online Plagiarism Checker