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Honors College: Finding Libraries Near You

Resources to assist you in maximizing your college experience

Why Go to the Public Library?


Public libraries are generous institutions of knowledge that provide a wide range of general and specialized research materials and reference assistance.

Most public libraries have WiFi, public access internet terminals, subscriptions to major national and international news. In addition to having vast physical resources, many public libraries have great collections of AV materials including software, DVDs and VHS, CDs, test prep programs and classes on many common computer applications like Excel, free of charge. So if you need help with brushing up on your PowerPoint skills, check your local library to see if they offer classes or tutorials.  FREE is good.

Did You Know?

State funded universities are open to the public, as are many private institutions.

If you are a distance education student but live near another university, you may be granted access to library resources. Inquire with each specific institution about their policies regarding local patron services.

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