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Media Studies: Fact Checking and Bias: Bias In Media

Use this guide to explore the historical, cultural, psychological, and sociological impact mass media bias has on the greater public.

Youtube: Fox Host Calling Female Pilot "Boobs On The Ground" Sparks Backlash from Members of the Military. MediaMattersMinute: Published on Sep 29, 2014

Youtube: Fox's chief racist, Bill O'Reilly calls black PhD a coke dealer.mp4. thefiregod9: Published on Oct 27, 2012

Youtube: Mountain Dew 'Racist' Commercial: Pepsi Pulls Goat Ad Dubbed, "Most Racist Commercial Ever'. ABC News: Published on May 2, 2013

Youtube: What needs to change in the media's portrayal of race. Big Think: Published on Apr 23, 2012


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