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Raw Data: Crime & Violence

Use this guide to assist with collecting and combing though raw data.

Youtube: Black & Missing: Nearly A Dozen Minority Girls Reported Missing In March In Washington DC. Roland Martin: Published on Mar 14, 2017

Youtube: Black murder is normal | Michael Smith | TEDxJacksonville. TEDx Talks: Published on Jan 6, 2015

Youtube: Why education, not punishment, is the solution to reducing crime | John Lonergan | TEDxDublin. TEDx Talks: Published on Dec 1, 2014

Youtube: Black Hearts in White Minds: Race, Crime, and Redemption | Professor Jody Armour | TEDxCrenshaw. TEDx Talks: Published on Dec 22, 2015

ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Center On Juvenile and Criminal Justice

Journalist's Resource

Mapping Police Violence

U.S. Department of State

Newspapers In Microfilm

Criminal Justice Abstracts

Films On Demand

National Criminal Justice Reference Services Abstracts

NAACP Papers: The NAACP's Major Campaigns--Scottsboro, Anti-Lynching, Criminal Justice, Peonage, Labor and Segregation and Discrimination Complaints and Responses