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Community Support Groups and Outreach for Students and Staff: Welcome!

This guide will provide resources and information to enable communities to address the needs of students and staff experiencing hardships

Hardships and College Students


Displaced college students face hardships while attending school.  These are resources and programs that can help.  No one knows how many college students are homeless but it is estimated to be about 58,000 homeless students. This figure could be higher since the homeless youths try to keep their situation a secret.  They sleep with friends, on couches, sleep in the library, stay at shelters or on the street. The 58,000 homeless students figure is based on an estimate from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY).

The College Cost Reduction and Access Act (PDF) was passed in 2007, and made it easier for financial aid administrators to offer assistance to existing and prospective homeless students.


State of Virginia Homeless Shelter Directory

Homeless College Students

Homeless College Students:  A New Group Among the Invisible
By Emil Guillermo
I didn’t realize the broad definition of homeless also includes a segment I didn’t expect: college students. A new national survey taken at 70 community colleges across 24 states is now part of a growing data that shows college students are not immune.

Nonwhite Students Slow to seek Mental Health Counseling ...


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