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Graduate Social Work Program: Writing

Welcome to the Social Work LibGuide. This guide highlights sources related to Social Work. In addition to the sources, students, faculty and staff should check the Online Catalog.

Common Writing Mistakes

Writing Tools & Tips

Writing Tools & Tips from UNC's Writing Center

UNC Writing Center Screenshot

Fix Grammar & Writing Style Issues 

Verb Tenses

Fragments and Run-ons

Should I Use "I"?

Quotations: When should I quote? How do I insert quotations? 

Style: How to make your sentences stronger, clearer, shorter, and more effective

Commas and FANBOYS fakers

Sentence Patterns

Gender-Inclusive Language

Understand Expectations

Common Writing Assignments

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (Purdue OWL) has resources to help you understand and complete specific types of writing assignments.

Understanding Writing Assignments

Learn how to decipher the paper assignment with help from Purdue OWL. 

Writing a Research Paper

Review the process for writing a research paper with Purdue OWL. 

Social Work Literature Review Guidelines

Purdue OWL steps through writing in the social sciences. 

Improve Your Writing

Practice your Grammar

Play free interactive games about grammar at Khan Academy and Grammar Bytes! Test your knowledge of Frequently Confused Words.

Writing a Paper

"Writing Concisely" by UNCWritingCenter. Published on Sep 20, 2018. © 2010-2018 The Writing Center at UNC Chapel Hill

"Outlines" by UNCWritingCenter. Published on Apr 10, 2013. © 2010-2013 The Writing Center at UNC Chapel Hill

Grammar & Style Guides

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

Based on the print version, this site provides helpful grammar and punctuation rules with accompanying real-world examples and fun quizzes.

Strunk's Elements of Style

This classic 1918 reference book focuses on the elementary rules of usage and the principles of composition. This electronic version is hosted on the Great Books Online - - Website.

FAQ's about APA Writing

Information from the APA regarding general questions, references, punctuation, grammar & writing style, and formatting

A Writing Guide for Social Work

A helpful guide created by Christopher D. Kilgore, the Writing Resource Coordinator for the School of Social Work, at the University of Texas -- Arlington. 

Quotations - Review


Grammarly offers some free tools that may be helpful.