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Undergraduate Research & Innovation Symposium: Posters

Poster Criteria


Posters by currently enrolled students at Norfolk State University will be judged. Only one (1) poster per lead author will be judged. All posters must be 48 inches wide by 36 inches high, no exceptions! If students are displaying multiple posters on the day of the event, they must choose ONE (1) poster to be judged. Also, a representative must be present during that session to describe their research to the judges.

The following criteria will be used by the judges.

  1. Project's PURPOSE/HYPOTHESIS must be clearly stated.
  2. An appropriate RESEARCH DESIGN was used and clearly stated.
  3. The data collected and analyzed, and the RESULTS were presented clearly.
  4. CONCLUSIONS were consistent wit the aim/purpose of the study.
  5. The QUALITY of the POSTER: Amount of information, readability, clarity, logical flow of information across the poster.
  6. The OVERALL QUALITY of the POSTER presentation: ANSWERS to questions, and Scientific Merit/research contribution to the community.
  7. All students/trainees must be by their poster(s) while the judges are making their rounds on the day of the event. A specific timeframe will be provided by the Steering Committee representatives closer to the date.
  8. In order to be judged, all posters must be mounted on poster boards according to the judges' timeframes for the session.
  9. All posters must be in their assigned spots.
  10. All images must include citations; references must also be included.


This website offers free scientific poster design tutorials and templates.