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Media Research: Searching Through History!

Use this guide to make connections to what has happened in the past with what is happening in contemporary times!

Choose Your Site: Site Searching!

Uncovering historic data in databases may be challenging simply because scholarly resources require a longer process and more vetting than the web! 

The web is in conflict with the streamlined process of print publishing. Be cautioned that the web can be riddled with  issues of misinformation, bias, and steering.  So what can you do? You can tell Google where to go - to search that is!

You are able to tailor a search and target specific websites regarding specific topics. 

topic:  yellow journalism


yellow journalism site:

or use the domain extension only to find a variety of sources: .org to find organizations, .edu for academic sources, .com for company sources 

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Youtube: Muckrakers. history4kim: Uploaded on Feb 25, 2011

Youtube: Yellow Journalism: Origins and Definition. Uploaded on Mar 31, 2009

Youtube:Journalism and Civil Resistance: Rev. Jim Lawson in Mexico. Narco News TV: Uploaded on Mar 31, 2010

Youtube: Gay Talese and New Journalism. Big Think: Published on Apr 23, 2012

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