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Harrison B. Wilson Archives and The African Art Gallery at NSU: About Us

Harrison B Wilson Archives and the African Art Gallery house collections of primary documents used for historical research

The Harrison B. Wilson Archives


The Harrison B. Wilson Archives is the repository of the non-current, official records of the University, its organizations, students and faculty.  In keeping with the University’s mission of actively involving itself in the community and addressing the special needs of African-Americans, the archives also collects and preserves the historical records of African-Americans in Virginia and makes them available to students and other researchers.  The collection, which houses over 5,000 books, private papers of professors, administrators, and students; includes, copies of theses and dissertations of graduates of NSU’s master’s and doctoral degree programs, photographic materials, and microfilm.  The Harrison B. Wilson Archives is a rich source of primary documents for students, local historians and other researchers.  


The African Art Gallery at NSU


The African Art Gallery at Norfolk State University displays artifacts from Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Gallery exhibits supplement the classroom experiences of the University’s students and enhance their exposure to multicultural learning opportunities by making available to them a campus gallery featuring museum-quality African art pieces whose utilitarian functions are discussed in relationship to the history of the cultural groups they represent.  The African Art Gallery houses approximately 700 pieces of art.  Included in the collection are textiles, masks, statues, weapons, furniture, currency, ceramics and various other items representing thirteen different countries.