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Early Childhood Education: Articles

This web page lists resources in early childhood education (ECE), care, and development for young children from birth to approximately age 5.

Retrieving Full-Texted Articles

When lin a database, remember to check the box labeled either Scholarly (Peer Reviewed  Journals) on the database search page.

Locate the Full-Text of an Article in a Database:

1.  Click on "Limit your results" Full-Text"

2. Check for PDF icon on article record in database search results to read the full article.

How to Tell if it is Scholarly...

Your Professor may ask for these journals:


Refereed Journal



They are  four key terms which essentially mean the same:

Click the link below and learn the difference.

Peer-Reviewed or Scholarly?

Finding Databases

Search for scholarly articles by using research databases.

If you are not on campus...

Click here for off-campus access

Off Campus Access

If you are off campus, accessing the databases is a little different. Click the link below for instructions.

Off Campus Instructions