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Early Childhood Education: ECE

This web page lists resources in early childhood education (ECE), care, and development for young children from birth to approximately age 5.

Suggested Library of Congress Subject Headings

Library of Congress Subject Headings are the call numbers used at the Lyman Beecher Brooks Library.

Here are some subject call numbers for Library of Congress that may be useful for searching Child Development Information:

HQ 767.8 - HQ 792.2...Families and Children, Child development, child rearing, child life, play, socialization, children's rights

HV 701 - HV 1420.5...Children, destitute, neglected, abandoned

LB 5 - LB 3640...Theory and practice of education

LB 51 - LB 885...Systems of individual educators and writers

LB 1025 - LB 1050.75...Teaching (Principles and practice)

LB 1050.9 - LB 1091...Educational psychology

LB 1101-LB 1139.5...Early childhood education

LB 1140 - LB 1140.5...Preschool education, Nursery schools

LB 1141 - LB 1489...Kindergarten

LB 1501 - LB 1547...Primary education

LC 3950 - LC 4806.5...Exceptional children and youth

LC 3991 - LC 4000...Gifted children and youth

LC 4001 - LC 4806.5...Children and youth with disabilities

Search the library book catalog on the Library Home Page, using the suggested search words or any words relating to your topic, use the suggested call number ranges to browse for titles of interest, or consult the list of recommended books below. Combine that phrase with one or two specific topic words, using the word “and” to combine your two topics, for example:

  • Early childhood education and teacher certification
  • Early childhood education and learning theories
  • Early childhood education and parent child relationship

Suggested Search Words & Research Topics

Art in education

Arts and children

Bilingual children

Child behavior

Child care services

Child development

Child welfare

Children of minorities

Children with disabilities

Computers and children

Curriculum planning

Day care centers

Early childhood education

Early childhood teachers

Early reading

Education and the state

Education, moral and ethical aspects

Educational psychology

Emotional development

Erik Erikson



Head Start

Intellectual development

Jean Piaget

Learning strategies

Lesson planning

Maria Montessori

Motivation in learning

Multicultural education

Nursery schools

Parent child relationship

Parent participation

Parent teacher relationship

Parental involvement

Physical development



Primary education

Problem children

Problem families

Readiness for school


School supervision

Self esteem in children

Separation anxiety

Sigmund Freud

Social development

Social work with children


Special education


Technology and children



Office of Head Start

Office of Head Start

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National Assessment for Education Progress (National Center for Education Statistics)

Open Regs

World Bank EdStats DataFinder

                                    School System Demographic System (National Center for Education Statistics)