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Remote Online Library Support: Assistive Technology

This guide will support you while you are working remotely and will direct you to Library resources and support.

AT (Assistive Technology)


Students currently enrolled with a documented disability will receive access to the AT Lab. They will be able to use the specialized hardware and software that level the playing field in their endeavor to excel. Each student qualifies for an assistive technology evaluation. The assistive technology evaluation is the process of determining which device best facilitates the student’s efforts to achieve.  Call for an appointment.

Please use the Virtual Computing Lab to gain access to AT Lab software 24 hours daily.

AT Lab point of contact is:

Walter N. Murphy
Coordinator, Assistive Technology

Lyman Beecher Brooks Library, Suite 1023
Phone 757-823-2603
Fax: 757 - 823-2640


You can Convert Accessible Files

Alternate Media Made Easy

SensusAccess is a self-service solution that automates the conversion of documents into a range of alternate formats including digital Braille, MP3 audio files, DAISY structured audio books and e-books.  By using SensusAccess you can make image-based PDFs, JPEGs and other files accessible, SensusAccess can convert them into text or audio.

Go to OASIS’s webpage and look for the SensusAccess link on the left of the page. After clicking the link stroll down to convert a file.