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Lyman Beecher Brooks Library Virtual Assistance (ENG 102.45A): Search for Scholarly Journals or Articles

This guide will show you how to search for various library resources to support your assignment..  Click on one of the tabs below to get more information 

Finding Scholarly Articles

The first step to finding articles is to pick your keywords

How do I find Peer-Reviewed Articles?

These types of articles are ONLY found in Scholarly Journals. The best way to access scholarly journals is through our databases. To limit your results to Scholary (peer-reviewed) only. 


Video: How to Identify Scholarly Articles--Carnegie Vincent Library (Youtube Mar 22, 2013)

What is a Peer-Reviewed, Refereed, or Scholarly Article?

Often, a Professor will specify that articles need to be peer-reviewed, scholarly or refereed (they all mean the same thing). A peer-review process means that other experts in the field reviewed the article's content prior to publication and determined it was scholarly.


Common components of a peer-reviewed article are:


  • Abstract : a brief paragraph that describes the content of the article. TIP: If you cannot understand the abstract, you definitely won't be able to understand the article!
  • Bibliography:  Sources will be clear, usually at the end with a reference list but sometimes with footnotes or both.
  • Authority: the author's credentials / affiliation will be clearly stated.
  • Technical: and contain specific terminology relative to the topic and/or graphs, charts or complex mathematical equations or formulas.

It will likely be substantially longer than a magazine article. This tells you NOT to search in popular magazines, newspapers, trade journals and Google


Google Site Searches

Google Advanced Search Shortcuts

Use these two sites if you want authoritative information

Government Website Searches:

Educational Sites Searches:

PowerPoint Sites Searches:   transgender: .ppt