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Technology: Keywords, Periodicals, & Evaluations

Department of Technology is to provide programs and services which prepare student graduates for a variety of responsible technology management, and applied engineering positions in industry, business, and government.

Searching for Technology

Technology is a general term to encompass an extensive number of resources; knowing that technology starts in the T's will allow you to discover key resources!

 TJ1-1570 Mechanical engineering

TJ163.13-163.25 Power resources

TJ163.26-163.5 Energy conservation

TJ170-179 Mechanics applied to machinery

TJ181-210 Mechanical movements

TJ210.2-211.47 Mechanical devices & figures

TJ212-225 Control engineering systems

TJ227-240 Machine design and drawing

TJ241-254.7 Machine construction 

TJ255-265 Heat engines

TJ266-267.5 Turbines

​TJ268-740 Steam engineering

TJ603-695 Locomotives

TJ751-805 Miscellaneous motors and engines

TJ807-830 Renewable energy sources

TJ836-927 Hydraulic machinery

TJ940-940.5 Vacuum technology

TJ950-1030 Pneumatic machinery

​TJ1125-1345 Machine shops & practice

TJ1350-1418 Hoisting / conveying machinery

TJ1425-1475 Lifting and pressing machinery

TJ1480-1496 Agricultural machinery

Use CRAAP to Evaluate Your Sources