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Distance Learners: Books and e-Books

This guide outlines library services and resources for distance learners at the Lyman Beecher Brooks Library

e-Books FAQ's

Do I need an eBook reader to use ebooks?

Can I print or save pages from an ebook?
eBooks on EBSCOhost
  • Click Print or E-mail icon on the right
  • Select pages that you want to print
  • You can choose to either print or e-mail your selected pages in pdf format
  • You cannot print/e-mail more than 60 pages per session.

GALE Virtual Reference Library

  • Click Print or E-mail button on the top of your screen
  • You can only print/e-mail one section/chapter of a book at a time
  • There is no print limit per session
Can I download ebooks to my ipad or ebook reader?
No, you do not need an e-reader or mobile device to use ebooks. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. However, you can check out our ebooks for off-line use on a variety of devices including laptop computers, Nooks, iPads, Kindles, etc.
How do I access the library's databases and e-books from off campus?

Off-campus access to the library's electronic resources (i.e., ebooks, databases, streaming video, etc.) is available to currently enrolled students, currently employed faculty and staff who have a NSU network login I.D.

Depending on the resource you want to access, you will need to enter the current NSU password, or NSU login credentials (the same username and password used for your email).

Using e-Books

Here's what you need to know about using LBB Library's ebooks:

  1. TabletIt's a different process than downloading ebooks for personal use or even from the public library system. The process also differs depending on which particular collection you are wanting to use.
  2. You can borrow thousands of ebooks through our system for free. You can access them from on and off-campus. You can use ebooks on your iPads, laptops, e-readers, etc. However, there are compatibility issues with certain devices and collections.  When you download a book, you may have to create accounts, add programs, or be subject to a loan period.  You also want to be sure to download the book to the device you plan to read from, as transferring files is not always possible.  Your best bet is to read from your computer browser.
  3. Some ebooks restrict the number of simultaneous users so that only one person can access the book at a time.
  4. Some ebooks are restricted to a loan period. Times for loan periods can vary, but normally the length of the loan will be 7 or 14 days. After your loan period has past, the book will expire automatically and no longer be available on your device.

Device Help

Get tech support for your e-reader device.