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Education: Apps and Blogs

This guide highlights resources related to education.



 Helpful iPad Apps for New TAs

40 Android Apps for Teaching and Learning 
iPad Apps for the Classroom 

Apps and Websits for Teachers

It is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the growing number of apps out there to help you and your students in the classroom.  Below are a few of the best apps out there for teachers to either stay organized, keep in touch with parents, or just for inspiration for lesson plans or classroom posters.  Enjoy!

Journal Articles and Blogs


The 4 Properties of Powerful Teachers 

The 7 Fundamental Conditions of Learning 
10 Things This Instructor Loves 
19 Lessons About Teaching.
Advice for the First Day of Class: Today We Will.
College Teaching 101: Managing The Lecture Class 
The Emotional Experience of First-time Teaching: Reflections from Graduate Instructors, 1997–2006. 
Everything That New And Adjunct Business Faculty Members Should Ask About Teaching, But Don’t Know Enough To Ask. 
The Experiment Begins: Teaching My First Class, Part I
The Experiment Continues
First Assignment Helps Establish Expectations.
First Day of Class Rituals.
Five Things to Do on the First Day of Class.
Good Deeds That Are Most Punished, Part 1: Teaching. 
Graduate Students as Independent Instructors: Seven Things to Know about Teaching Your Own Course while in Graduate School. 
Help, I’m a TA and I Hate Teaching!
How to Work the Lecture Hall 
How We Learn to Teach: Trial by Fire, by the Seat of Our Pants, and Other (More Scientific) Methods.