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Open Educational Resources (OER): Nursing

This guide will provide resources to free and open education resources


Here are a few of the tools healthcare professionals are using and recommending to their patients:

  • Diabetes App Lite for IOS
    This app helps track the factors that influence blood sugar, monitor fluctuations, plan ahead accordingly in regards to the persons diabetic needs, and share the information with their doctor.
  • Anatomy Lite
    This application provides a good reference for people who want to know more about Human Anatomy or study in General Human Anatomy.
  • Healthcare and Medicine
    A wonderful video compilation of healthcare and medicine topics: Lungs, The heart, and influenza are few posted.

Open Nursing Textbooks

Human Physiology

Human Physiology textbook developed with the assistance of pre-nursing students at Utah State University. Covers topics including Homeostasis, Cell Physiology, Integumentary System, Nervous System, Senses, Muscular System, Blood Physiology, Cardiovascular System, Immune System, Urinary System, Respiratory System, Gastrointestinal System, Nutrition, Endocrine System, Male Reproductive System, Female Reproductive System, Pregnancy and Birth, Genetics and Inheritance, Development: Birth through Death

Case Studies

Nursing students are constantly given new cases that tests their skills and thinking on the job. Here are a few case studies for the students to read and learn  during their educational learning at school.


  • Recognizing Mental Illnesses
    This learning project is useful for any health professional in understanding and becoming more knowledgeable about mental illnesses and their implications in health care settings.
  • Risk Factors of a Heart Attack
    This case study teaches students about the risk factors and symptoms of a heart attack.

Sample OER Resources for Nursing


"SemanasCienciaInnovaciónCanarias - Jornadas Puertas Abiertas ULL" by Fundación General Universidad La Laguna is licensed under CC BY 2.0


This is a sample of several OER Nursing textbooks.