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Open Educational Resources (OER): Computers

This guide will provide resources to free and open education resources


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Educational Applets in Electrical Engineering

"A large list of links to applets and tutorials that discuss the fabrication of semiconductors."

Open Courses

  • A First Course in Electrical and Computer Engineering
    A course by Louis Scharf from the University of Colorado. "Electrical and computer engineering students take this in the second semester of their freshman year, just before their first circuits course. Students electing to take this course have completed one semester of calculus, computer programming, chemistry, and humanities. Concurrently with this course, students take physics and a second semester of calculus, as well as a second semester in the humanities."
  • MIT Open Courseware
     MIT's Electrical Engineering and Computer Science departments offers a variety of online courses. Course format generally includes, lecture videos, interactive concept quizzes (solution key), problem sets, terms and definitions, suggested topics and links, and exams (with solution key).
  • Student Design Project
    "This course involves the stages, principles, and requisites of product design, and incorporates skills acquired in lower-level engineering courses. This course discusses, among other topics, project management using Gantt charts and other time management tools, various design codes and standards that engineers should be aware of while designing, including acceptable drawing standards, safety requirements, regulations, and so forth. This free course may be completed online at any time."


Introduction to Computer Engineering: Learning Support Materials

"This site contains a collection of tutorial materials that support the teaching and learning of elementary topics in computer engineering. Topics include Boolean algebra, logic design, Karnaugh maps, binary arithmetic, combinational logic, sequential logic, floating point numbers, two's complement arithmetic, etc."