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Open Educational Resources (OER): OER Sites for Educators

This guide will provide resources to free and open education resources

OER Sites for Educators



The following are links to selected organizations focused on 'open' education & training technologies and solutions:

  • Academic Earth - Founded with the goal of giving everyone on earth access to a world-class education.
  • Association for the Advancement of Computers in Education - An international, not-for-profit, educational organization with the mission of advancing Information Technology in Education and E-Learning
  • Classroom 2.0 - A social networking organization and web site focused on the growing community of educators interested in learning how to better use collaborative information technologies and solutions.
  • CodeAcademy - Providing free online courses to millions around the world on how to write computer code.
  • Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources - Over 200 community colleges partnering to develop and use open educational resources, especially open textbooks for college courses.
  • Consortium for School Networking - Empowering K-12 school districts and their technology leaders to use new education technologies and tools strategically to improve teaching and learning.
  • Connexions - A virtual environment for collaboratively developing, freely sharing, and rapidly publishing scholarly content on the Web.
  • Creative Commons - Helping people to share knowledge, research, and educational materials with others around the world. Videos
  • Coursera - Offering offer high quality courses from the top universities, for free to everyone across the globe. 
  • Electronic Information For Libraries (EIFL) - A global network of national library consortia advocating open access to knowledge for education & research purposes.
  • Free Software Foundation (FSF) - Providing links to a range of open source education software applications and projects.
  • Genspace - A non-profit community based education & research organization providing a collaborative, open source approach to developing new ideas in biotech.
  • Khan Academy -  A non-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere.
  • Kuali Foundation  - A community of universities, colleges, businesses, and other organizations that have partnered to build and sustain open-source administrative software for higher education, by higher education.
  • Linux Professional Institute - Advocating, training, & certifying individuals in the professional use of Linux and Free/Open Source Software (FOSS).
  • MERLOT - A free and open online community of resources designed primarily for faculty, staff and students of higher education from around the world.
  • Moodle Community - Working to give educators the best tools to manage and promote learning..
  • One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) - Providing low cost hardware, content and software for collaborative, joyful, and self-empowered learning.
  • OpenCourseWare Consortium  - A collaboration of higher education institutions and associated organizations from around the world creating a broad and deep body of open educational content using a shared model.
  • Open Educational Resources (OER) Commons - Providing access to a wide range of teaching and learning materials that may be freely used and shared - for elementary schools, high schools, and universities.
  • Open Learning Exchange (OLE) - Developing a world-wide network of public-private grassroots organizations committed to providing universal basic education in nations where the need exists.
  • Open Source Education Foundation - Seeking to enhance k-12 education through the use of technologies and concepts derived from the Free and Open Source Software movement.
  • Open Education Consortium - A worldwide community of higher education institutions and associated organizations committed to advancing open education.
  • Sakai Foundation  - A non-profit corporation engaged in the collaborative design, development and distribution of open-source software for education, research and related scholarly activities.
  • Second Life Education Community Portal - A collaborative community of educators building and sharing cutting edge virtual reality learning environments, tools, and programs of the future.
  • UNESCO Open Educational Resources - A UNESCO sponsored community of interest focused on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in higher education.
  • U.S. Department of Education - Online resources of interest to students, teachers, parents, administrators, and more.
  • WikiEducator and  Open Education Resources (OER) Foundation - A collaborative community working on free content for e-Learning and various other projects building open education resources.
  • 20 Million Minds Foundation (20MM) - Supporting the creation, sharing, and proliferation of more effective and affordable educational content by leveraging disruptive technologies & open educational resources.

* Links taken from COSI "Open" Education (Collaboration, Open Solutions, and Innovation)