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Non-traditional Students: Articles

Non-traditional students are known as adult students, adult learners, lifelong learners, or older students

Finding Databases

Search for scholarly articles by using research databases.
On the library home page, a database may be selected by two methods:

Retrieving Full-Texted Articles

When looking for scholarly articles only, remember to check the box labeled either Scholarly or Peer Reviewed on the database search page.

Locate the Full-Text of an Article in a Database:

1.  Click on "Limit your results" Full-Text"

2. Check for PDF icon on article record in database search results to read the full article.

Locate the Full-Text of Article from a Citation:

Click on the JOURNALS button on the library's homepage to search for the name a specific journal. The results will indicate all electronic subscriptions.

Full Texted Icons

When searching, you will see one of the  three icons below associated with articles. The first two are “right” and work....and last, the ‘Linked Full Text’ sometimes causes problems. 


PDF retains the exact appearance of a document

HTML documents are designed for on-screen viewing 

Linked Full Text  item should be free. It means that the article you have found in the currently searched database is not available in full text in THAT database. BUT, it can be found in full text in another database. There are times when links break down and a "Linked Full Text" link might take you to a site that offers the article for a fee. This is a mistake and should not have happened.

Managing Search Results

Databases have tools that help you manage your results and more.  ERIC, Education Source and others produced by EBSCOhost use the same tools:

For advanced Search options within EBSCOhost see Help.

Articles Delivered Electronically Free


If the article you need is not available online?  We will find it, scan it, and make it available to you electronically.  After you complete the registration form, you can start requesting right away. You will never need to pay for an article.

1.  Use ILLiad - our interlibrary loan system.   If you do not have an account, create one.  
2.  Select First Time User.  Provide requested information.
3.  You will receive an e-mail indicating when the article is available.  Follow the prompts and retrieve the article within 10 days.
4.  That's it! 


Getting your Article

Interlibrary loan will get the article for you if they can. If they can get a copy, you will get an email when your article is ready.  If they can't get a copy, you will get an email letting you know as well.

Filling out the Interlibrary Loan Request Form

If you did not find your article from a database and we do not have it, you will need to fill out the interlibrary loan request form.  

An example of requesting an article is

Field.Title (of Journal, Conference Proceedings, Anthology): Value.Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics

Field.Volume: Value.7

Field.Issue Number or Designation: Value.3

Field.Year: Value.2012

Field.Inclusive Pages: Value.260 - 264

Field.ISSN: Value.1555130X

Field.Article Author: Value.Jungho Lee, Ji-Hong, Kim, Kang-Min Do, Byung-Moo Moon, Ji-Hoon Lee, Sang-Mo Koo

Field.Article Title or Chapter Title: Value.Nanocrystalline GaZnO films for transparent electrode to silicon carbide