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Non-traditional Students: Citation Tools & Plagiarism

Non-traditional students are known as adult students, adult learners, lifelong learners, or older students

Free Citation Tools

Please keep in mind that the following tools are not perfect. It is highly recommended that you verify the accuracy of any citations produced by these tools using the citation style's official manual.

Many of these citation tools also allow you to import and/or export citations between them and other citation tools. 

Unique ways to Retrieve Citations and use Citations to Retrieve Full-Text Articles

  • Use Google Scholar to find a full text/pdf copy of a journal article.  If you have a citation and want a full text/PDF copy of the article, you can use Google Scholar to get a full text/pdf copy of the article. Note, if you are off-Campus, you will need to make sure you configure Google Scholar. Y

Plagiarism (Practice of stealing someone else's work or ideas as your own) Mix - 4 Famous Musicians (Who Stole Their Biggest Hits) - The Spit Take YouTube (February 2, 2015)

NSU Academic Policy

Norfolk State University adheres to policies and procedures on plagiarism and academic honesty. There are consequences and the results can be failure for the class, expulsion from the class, or  expulsion from the University.

See: Academic Dishonesty Procedures on the University's website.