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Honors College: Types of Information

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Types of Periodicals (Journals or Magazines)


Periodicals, i.e., journals and magazines are typically categorized into three types:


  • Written by experts, researchers, scholars (credentials are included with the article)
  • Published by educational institutions, professional organizations
  • Articles are text-based, few to no graphics (except for graphs/charts)
  • Extensive references

Examples: Journal of Psychology & Christianity, Strength and Conditioning Journal


  • Written by professionals in a given field, for professionals in a given field (credentials may/may not be included)
  • Articles are application of, commentary on the research
  • Articles may or may not have been reviewed prior to publishling
  • Published by professional/trade organizations, or publishers known to publish subject-specific content
  • Articles may/may not include references are available
  • Publications include graphics, job openings, and product advertisements relative to profession/trade

Example: American Cinematographer; Nursing Management


  • Articles written by freelance writers (credentials usually not included)
  • Publications are glossy, attention-grabbing, filled with graphics and advertisements
  • Publications focus on a variety of interests according to sex, entertainment, hobbies, news, and other special interests
  • Examples: Bride; Fortune; Men's Fitness; Sunset, People

Sources of Information

Is it Scholarly?

When trying to determine if an article would be considered "scholarly," look at the following characteristics:

Peer Reviewed articles are articles written by experts in the field.


Magazines vs Journals. A magazine is a periodical aimed at the general public, which contains news, opinion and personal narratives. Journals are scholarly periodicals aimed at researchers or specialists.