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PED 151( Rhythm/Folk Dance): Introduction

This course guide is here to assist you with your research



Mexican folk dance in the Pacific Northwest

Your research librarians have put together  guidefor your assignment needs. These guides will be helpful when finding information for your presentation.

You can find valid, accurate, and credible sources for a variety of topics in the resources we've listed on these guides.

Remember that your research and presentations will be viewed by instructors and peers who are expecting to see academic resources, and not just information you found using Google which are questionable and often times may lack credibility or factual correctness.

Follow the instructions below:

1) Find Books

Use this page to find print and ebook resources on your topic. 

2) Find Articles

This is where you'll find articles of information for your topic. There are multiple databases you can use, and you should them as they cover varied aspects of your topic. You'll also be able to find information about your profession, art, culture, and gender.

3) Find Background Information

Use this resource to find general information:      Gale Reference Library

4) Find Images

If you need to have images for your presentation, there are very good resources to help you find ones that visually represent your topic.

5) Schedule an Appointment

Here's where you can schedule your group to meet with a Research Consultant at the Library.

6) I nterlibrary Loan

If Lyman Beecher Brooks does not own an item you need for research, teaching or study, you may request it through the interlibrary loan service. This free service allows user to borrow materials from other libraries and pick them up at the first-floor circulation desk.


We do not have any truly Dance-centric databases; however, dance research and resources appear throughout many of the other databases the library subscribes to.




Dance research journal

Dance research the journal of the Society for Dance Research.

Journal of health education

Journal of physical education, recreation & dance

CORD news

See this link for more e-journals about dance, drama, film, and music.

Dance Chronicle

Dance Magazine

Dance on Camera

Dance Research

Dance Research Journal

Dance Retailer News

Dance Spirit

Dance Teacher

Dance with Shadows


Virginia Beach International Folk Dance