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Historical Research: Government, Congress, Urban Data

Use this guide to assist with locating resources that will be helpful when conducting Historical Research.

Definitions: Courtesy of Bentley University: Historical Research Libguide

Please keep the following definitions in mind while you are searching and evaluating the information you find.


Primary Source: 
Sources that contain raw, original, non-interpreted and unevaluated information. Click here for a more detailed description.

Secondary Source: 
Sources that digest, analyze, evaluate and interpret the information contained in primary sources.

Scholarly Publication: 
A journal that contains articles that have been reviewed by a panel of subject specialists or experts prior to their publication. Another term for a scholarly publication is “peer reviewed”.  A scholarly article contains a bibliography or work cited section of references. 

Non-Scholarly Publication: 
A publication in which the articles are not reviewed by subject specialists prior to its publication.

A brief summary outlining the main content of a journal article or other document.  

Information identifying a publication. Details usually include author, title, date of publication, journal title, volume and page numbers. Also sometimes called a reference or source.

Interlibrary Loan:
Free service available through the Bentley Library that gives you access to materials not available here. You just fill out a form and the materials are "borrowed" from another library for you to use. If you find a citation to something you need whether an article or a book, just fill out the form online and the materials will be requested for you.

American Fact Finder

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications

CQ Weekly

CQ Researcher

Constitution Society


Ebsco Legal Collection

Papers First

Peace Research Abstracts

Proceeding First

Urban Studies Abstracts

Statutes Large 1789-1875

GPO (Government Printing Office) Monthly Catalog

Military & Government Collection

National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts

Race Relations Abstracts

Digital Libraries and Archives

Slavery and Anti-Slavery, Part II: The Slave Trade in the Atlantic World