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Historical Research: Oral History

Use this guide to assist with locating resources that will be helpful when conducting Historical Research.

Youtube: Black Millennials Are Changing The Face Of The Travel Industry | TIME. TIME: Published on Dec 3, 2015

Youtube: Will You Please NOT Marry Me. JustStoriesVideo: Published on Oct 8, 2013

Youtube: The Most Famous Black Man In Korea: Sam Okyere | ASIAN BOSS. Asian Boss: Published on Feb 1, 2017

Brooklyn Historical Society


Hanashi Oral History Archives

Southern Oral History Program

Telling Their Stories: Oral History Project

Youtube: Oral History Project Tools. Scott Lieberman: Published on Feb 21, 2014

Youtube: What can you use as a primary source? UWM Libraries: Published on Feb 18, 2016

Youtube: Speaking of History ... Doing Oral History Projects. WesternReservePBS: Uploaded on Feb 11, 2011