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International Students: Translation Tools

This guide is for all international students to assist with your information needs.

Translating a Newspaper Article in My Native Language



You can translate any of the text you find in the database, Factiva, to the language you prefer by following the steps below:

1.  Once you are logged in Factiva,  click on News page

2. Select one of the subscribed papers, e.g. Wall Street, USA Today, ect.

3.  Select an article

4. Select one of the options: listen to the article, translate the article or share

For more details, please preview the video: Searching News in Factiva


You may also use Google Translate.

Go to

Select English as the language to translate from.

Select the language you prefer as the language to translate to.

Click the Translate button.

Using Google Automated Translation in Factiva

How Do I find Articles in My Native Language

EBSCOhost Databases offer language restrictions:

  • EBSCOhost databases (identified by the blue, circular EBSCOhost logo) offer the ability to change the language of the search screen.  Click on the Languages link at the top of the screen and choose the language you prefer.

  • EBSCOhost databases also offer a language option on the Advanced Search screen which allows you to search for materials in a language other than English.  Be sure to scroll down on the search screen to locate the Language menu.  This option will search materials available exclusively in the language you prefer and display English-language materials that have been translated to your preferred language.

  • In EBSCOhost databaes, articles in HTML format can be translated from the item screen.  When you see an article with this icon:  , click on this link.  You will see options for translating the article above the title of the article.

Most articles are in .pdf format, shown with the icon: .  For instructions on translating .pdf documents, please see the box on the left side of this page.


Searching News in Factiva

NSU Academic Policy

Norfolk State University adheres to policies and procedures on plagiarism and academic honesty. There are consequences and the results can be failure for the class, expulsion from the class, or  expulsion from the University.