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PSY 312: Planning

Class assignment on researching a personal behavior

Find a Specific Article

Here is the process for finding a specific article. In this example, we will look for an article in the 2007 volume of the journal Social Work Research.

1. First check the E-Journal Portal to see if  LBB Library provides online access to the journal. Enter the journal title into the search box.

Results from the E-Journal Portal will look something like this.

Social work research (1070-5309)    


from 03/01/1994 to 1 year ago in  Academic Search Complete, Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Test, Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition and Psychology & Behavior Sciences Collection

from 1996 to present in Oxford Online from 03/01/2004 to 1 year ago in Consumer Health Complete



2. In this case we have access to the 2007 volume of Social Work Research through three different providers. You can click any of the links to access the article.

3. If the journal you need is not available online,  your search in the E-Journal Portal will say

"0 records retrieved for the search"

If this happens, check the Library catalog to find out if the Library has the journal in print.

4. If the library has the journal you need in print, you may use the journal only in the library.

5. If the Library does not have access to the volume of the journal you need online or in print, then use Illiad Interlibrary loan to request the article.

Manage your Research

Most of the library databases offer a great opportunity to manage your research. You can place articles into a folder, save your searches, and create notes about your research. The information remains in a folder indefinitely so you can access it any time. You can create multiple folders for different research projects.

Getting Started:

  1. In the blue tool bar, click on "Sign In"
  2. You will need to "Create an Account" the first time which only takes a minute or two. Occasionally the password part is quirky so you might have to try a couple of times.

Save Articles:

  • When viewing citations, click the "Add to Folder" button.

Save Searches:

  1. Click on "Search History" located just under the search form
  2. Click "Save Searches / Alerts"
  3. Name your search and save

Create Notes:

  • When viewing a citation, click on the "Create Note" link on the right side of the page.

Retrieving Articles & Searches:

  • Click on "Folder" in the blue tool bar. In addition to a list of your articles, you will get these links on the left side of the page: