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Social Welfare Policy and History: Social Welfare: Origins and Development

This research guide highlights sources related to Social Welfare Policy and History.

Social Welfare: Origins and Development

Charles Dickens. Oliver Twist. London, Chapman & Hall, 1897.  First published in 1838.

The Poor Laws  Encyclopedia Britannica

Poor Laws article, pictures and videos from YouTube

Quigley, William P. Five Hundred Years of English Poor Laws, 1349-1834: Regulating the Working and Nonworking Poor," Akron Law Review 30(1), Fall 1996, 73-128.
"English poor laws have been a major influence on subsequent social legislation and regulation of the working poor in the United States...This article will review how the working and the nonworking poor were regulated by 500 years of English poor laws. It will conclude with ideas about the principles which have since evolved to regulate the working and nonworking poor." Includes a discussion of the role of the Church--and Biblical precepts--in the development of the poor laws.

The Historical Development of the Social Security Act
By Dr. Abe Bortz, the first historian of the Social Security Administration. Overview of social policy developments from the Elizabethan Poor Laws to the passage of the Social Security Act of 1935.

Social Work History Station
Includes Progress and Reform: A Cyberhistory of Social Work's Formative Years [1860-1940], as well as a picture gallery and links to related sites and resources. Compiled by Dan Huff (Boise State University).