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How to Search the Catalog: Introduction

An introduction to searching the library catalog for books & more. The Library Catalog searches the library's home collection. This includes books, e-books, journals, DVDs, and media that we own or have electronic access to.

The Catalog and the Web

The catalog is not the same as the web. 

The library catalog gives you access to:

1. Physical items the library has

2. Electronic resources that you can view on the computer

3.  Library materials that were selected by librarians

The Web (world wide web) gives you access to:

1.  Billions of web pages

2. Outdated information that has no quality control or information that could be misleading





What the Catalog Contains

The Library Catalog contains:

Records for both print and online books, journals, newspapers, conference proceedings, sound recordings & scores, videos, archival collections, databases, maps, and more.

What the Catalog Does Not Contain

The  Library Catalog does not contain:

  • Links to individual journals or newspaper articles. For article searching you can start your search in our Databases.
  • Material owned by other libraries and institutions. For locating and requesting this material use WorldCat.

Basic Search

The basic search is generally a keyword search with all words entered needing to appear in the record for it to show in the search results.

Use the drop-down menu to limit your search to: