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How to Search the Catalog: Author Searching

An introduction to searching the library catalog for books & more. The Library Catalog searches the library's home collection. This includes books, e-books, journals, DVDs, and media that we own or have electronic access to.

What is an Author?

Authors are the people or organization who created the item

If the item was a book, it would be the writer or the illustrator

If the item was for a musical work, it would be the musician, composer, lyricist or performers

If the item was for a movie or film, it would be the director, writer or the actor


Author Searching Tips

When would you want to search by author?

  • to find all the books a particular author has written
  • to find music written or performed by a musician
  • to find a movie by a certain director
  • to find a report written by an organization


In most catalogs, type the last name  first, like this:

  • Jackson, Michael
  • Cole, Johnetta
  • King, Stephen