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How to Search the Catalog: Title Searching

An introduction to searching the library catalog for books & more. The Library Catalog searches the library's home collection. This includes books, e-books, journals, DVDs, and media that we own or have electronic access to.

Title Searching

Choose a title search if you know the full title or the beginning of the title of the book

NOTE: If you do not know the full title of the book, and the words you know are not from the beginning of the title, search for the book with a keyword search. 


For a book, the title is usually on the cover

For movies or films, the title is the title


For written or recorded music, the title is the name of the CD, soundtrack or tape (not the name of a single song)


When would you want to search by title?

  • when you are sure of the title
  • when you know the first part or some words in the title


Example of Title Searching

Dancing on the Edge

Ted Williams: a Portrait in words and pictures

Black Panther

Where the wild things are


The Office