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How to Search the Catalog

An introduction to searching the Lyman Beecher Brooks Library catalog for books & more. The library catalog searches the library's home collection. This includes books, e-books, journals, DVDs, and media that we own or have electronic access to.

The Catalog is Like a Map

The catalog connects you to the books, electronic resources, and journals that you are looking for.

Search engines like Google can sift through billions of public web pages, but they can't access materials behind pay walls and much of what is found is not scholarly or peer reviewed research. The NSU Librarians curate the library collections to ensure you find what you need.


The Catalog Describes What's Available

The catalog describes what the library has available to users.

  • Information about the book, including title, author(s), publisher, etc...
  • What format it is in (book, ebook, video, cassette, etc...) 
  • Where it is located (Archives, Marshall Collection, Circulation Stacks)
  • The call number (note: eBooks do not have call numbers)
    • The NSU Library uses the Library of Congress organization system. The call numbers direct you to a specific place in the location given. You can learn how to read a call number here.
  • Status (Library Use Only, Checked Out, Available)